Bespoke Cutting Service

Are you looking for a one off, a Prototype or volume production run without paying for expensive Die-Cut tooling. Here at Quick Axis we have Conveyorised Swiss Flatbed cutting tables capable of cutting a wide range of non-metallic materials.

If you have a drawing or a template pattern we can generate or copy this profile, and combined with a powerful nesting software best optimize your material usage. Alternatively we can also import a number data file formats and allow a rapid route to production.

Founded in 2004 Quick Axis Ltd has experience cutting thin films through to carpet tiles along with large oversize panels for inflatable and temporary structures.

Subcontract Cutting Service

Quick Axis Ltd offer a wide service including holding material stocks for our customers allowing a rapid turnaround of part quantities (Typically with a 1-2 day delivery) This Digital System allows any minor changes to be made to a original design with no expensive hard tooling charges. Quick Axis has often found the initial design can be pushed further than its original design concept by use of this latest Digital Technology.

Contact Us

If you have project and would like to discuss, please call on the number opposite or by email, or send any drawing data files if available. We look forward to your call.