Cutting Service For Print & Packaging Companies

Founded in 2004, we have gained wide experience in cutting a range of Varnish plate materials for the general printer through to specialist packaging and coating applications.

The cutting service can supply Flood Coat Plates for a wide range of Press Types, cut to standard formats B1, B2, SRA1 etc as well as customer defined sizes. Typically all plates are pre stripped ready for use.

Along with standard format Plates & Blankets, Quick Axis Ltd can supply Spot Varnish work for most print applications. Files can be emailed through in the following formats and a proof layout returned to ensure data is correct

Varinsh Plate Cutting Application II A


  • PDF
  • Encapsulated Postscript
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • CFF2 : (Packaging Format)
  • DXF : (AutoCad Typical)


  • Working Width 1800mm (71")
  • Working Length Unlimited (Roll or Sheet format using Conveyor Feeding System)
  • Working Height Up to 12.5 (1/2")

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We work together with Press Room material Agents & Suppliers, and would be pleased to discuss your printing requirements. Contact us via the telephone number on the home page or by email.