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Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape

Quick Axis is always looking for new production processes which benefit both our customers and ultimately the completed job. For one such application used in the Adhesive Tape Industry, the adhesive Film /Foam needs to be in laminated to a release liner for its support and stability. For this requirement a dual Feed System was developed to In-Line laminate both materials (up to 1000mm width). This prepares the Adhesive Tape on the conveyor system ready for cutting.

Combining these two operations has saved time but also a produces a better finished part. Again using the Conveyorised Feeding System parts can be cut larger than the machines itself. Typically adhesive tape components have the waste area removed leaving only the finished detail in place.

Other special tooling and requirements include kiss cutting single or multiple depths and perforating geometry.


To cover a wide range of materials, three cutting systems are available and can be used independently or together offering many solutions typically on unstable materials.In addition to a wide range blade types available, special underlays are also used to support delicate media types and ensures best finish possible.Other special purpose tooling has also been developed including Creasing / Scoring tools, along with special pen adaptors.

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